Photo I chose in Photo Bank

The picture I chose was the one of the microscope because I’m a bit of a science enthusiast and I like it when it comes to investigating things I’m interested in. I think this picture’s life was a bit advanced than the other pictures, I wouldn’t like to live in those times because it was still times when people were renovating the world, I didn’t use to think tis way but now I do.

COVID-19 (recommendations)


This illness, most known as coronavirus, is an infectous disease which we thought wasn´that contagious, but, it is extremely infectious. I think we all know what it is, actually it is the reason why we are all comfy at home writing our essays, at our blogs. On this essay I´m going to tell you some ways to be safe or recommendations or just tips to not die of boredom.

First of all, please, stay at home, that is the best way to help get rid of this pandemic. I know some people are getting really bored but it´s for a good cause, and I mean, it ain´t that bad to stay at home because there are a lot of things you can do; you can help with the house chores, you may practice several hobbies, you might play all day but I don´t recommend to do this one because if you´re staying at home for a month, you should seize all the time spent there. you can also practice your handwriting as I am ;), my most important piece of advice is “you should take advantage of this situation.”

Here are some more tips. If you have a pet of any kind, you could establish a stronger bond with it. If you have a patio at home, there are lots of ways to not get bored, mostly related to playing some sport or exercise to get fit. If you don´t like to read you should change that, this month is an opportunity you have to take to at least read one book and I bet you´ll like it. Last but not least, You could talk to some friends and spend time together without being together (digitally). That´s it for now. Hope you take my advice. 🙂